Eagle Counseling Services

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Welcome to Eagle Counseling Services. Our philosophy is to provide quality services and help clients negotiate the details and complexities of DUI. Please visit our main website here.

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Eagle Counseling Services

1337 Delaware St, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: 303-623-4623
FAX: 303-623-4624

1690 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219
Phone: 303-922-1163
FAX: 303-922-1164

2200 Chambers Rd., Unit-E
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 303-363-8152
FAX: 303-363-8168

7131 Irving St., Suite 201
Westminister, CO 80030
FAX: 303-974-2189


Our Services Include:

Our services include DUI/DWAI and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Group and individual therapy is available.